FAQ - General



Q: Do you have a catalogue?

Our products and latest launches are found on our website www.seiraelves.com

We have exclusive launches at the store hence do check out our store as well!

Q: The item I want is out of stock, what do I do?

We will be informing you on our restocks through our social media platform however in the mean time do check out our new launches!

Q: Will an item be restocked?

Products are restocked according to material availability hence we cannot ensure that an item will be restocked but we will try our best to bring back the popular items.

Q: Is the pricing of your product the same as our store?

Prices in our store is rounded up. For example, a pair of sliders on our website is $35.90 and it will be going off at $36 in our store.

Q: Do you offer physical or non-electronic Gift Cards?

Physical Gift Cards are available for purchase in our store and website.